Hi Friends!

So you want to write and share your story as a guest blog? Wow. You’re brave as crap. I’m so proud of you for wanting to share your personal story with the world and taking steps towards punching Satan in the face. All while helping all of us stamp out mental health stigmas and show people that its not as taboo as it is being portrayed!

Here are the steps to writing a guest blog on OnSolidBrock:

Step 1: Contact me using the contact form below and pitch to me what you want to cover in your article. (I’m open to any mental illness topic, but it must be a story of hope, redemption, recovery, or the process of any of those things. We want to be a place of HOPE for those struggling and for those who want to help.)

Step 2: I will reply and then work with you- if need be- to make sure that your story will be a good fit for this blog.

Step 3: Guidelines:

  • I’m down to have 2 links in your story and up to 2 links in your bio.
  • Submit to me the following via Word; or in email:
    • article of your personal story and wisdom/hope you have for those reading (less than 1500 words).  Original content only please!
    • short bio (but you don’t have to write one if you want to post anonymously).
  • We will work together on editing your article and coming up with the headline. I never want to rob the writer of their voice, but I do have high standards for the content that I post on this blog.
  • I hold the right to publish the content in line with my content schedule. I will tell you when it will most likely be published.
  • I will choose a picture that I believe is relevant to your blog post. You may send me a suggestion, but I hold the final say in the featured image.
  • I will send you the link once published.  If you did not post anonymously, please use this link to promote on your personal pages/social media platforms

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me using this contact form.

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